Making a Home

Making a Home

Some builders offer packages of furniture at a price so you do not have to go around many stores.

Generally, it is more fun and exciting to build your own home and this is where our Customer Support Manager CSM comes in to assist you in getting all you need to set up your home.

The CSM knows all the right stores for furniture, decorative items, lighting and electrical goods and advises on warranties. Everything to put in those finishing touches.

The CSM will also help you open a bank account.

There is a small daily fee for this but it is well worth it saving you time chasing around.

For those of you who want to rent out your home to cover costs then the CSM will also assist in managing this for you.

We offer a key holding service, where you leave a key so if there is an emergency while you are away, then we can go in and sort it for you. Also a monthly check is made to ensure the toilets are flushed to stop the drains drying out and smells entering the home. Evaporation of water in hot climates can be an issue here.

In addition we have good reliable people such as electricians, TV/Satellite technicians, carpenters, plumbers, and builders should you wish extra work doing, plus “pool and garden maintenance (if private areas)”.

Internet can also be arranged and you can often get an “on / off” option where you pay for one month only for the times you visit.

In case of emergencies, the CSM will leave you with information on where the local hospitals and doctors are, fire and Police. Things we hope you never need.

We recommend you get a safe fitted to store valuables such as passports, spare money and small electrical items