This can be an important decision and one not to be taken lightly.

The first three things are do you want a:

  1. Coastal Property within minutes of the sea.

  2. Inland, where you can enjoy the tranquil lifestyle.

  3. Age –

    1. For the older person you need to consider such things as do you want a single storey property with easier access or a lift if an apartment if this is to be a retirement home.

    2. Do you need to be close to good medical facilities?

    3. Remember if a couple and something sadly happens to one of you will the person left cope if inland away from good facilities. You may not want to think of such things so we just want to give you a gentle reminder based on our experience.

    4. For younger people with a family, then if just a holiday home, you probably want to be closer to the sea, shops and a reasonable buzzing night life.

    5. If deciding to make Spain your home with a young family then coastal areas generally offer better international school facilities


We generally consider Coastal properties to be up to 30 mintutes or 30 KM from the sea. Often though most are between 0 and 10 minutes from the sea.

There are a very wide variety to choose from either immediately on the sea front or just a few minutes’ walk away.

Coastal properties generally tend to be smaller plots or apartments and cost more.

If you just want to get to the beach or down to the shops with a wide variety of restaurants, then this is for you.

Road networks are often better if you want to travel further quickly with airports never more than one hour away in most cases.


These are generally over 30 minutes or 30 KM from the sea.

If you want to enjoy the real traditional Spain and have a bigger garden in a tranquil area with lots of great country scenery, then this is for you.

More value for money and a chance to enjoy the cultural life in Spain.

Properties like these can be found in under an hour from the sea, so you are never too far away if you want to go there for the day.