Legal (Important)

The Legal Matters

All properties offered are based on information provided by the builders generally. With a boyuant market properties advertised may be the time it comes to making a decision. It is important therefore that if you see something you like that you are in Spain at the time to ensure you get what you wish.

Builders can change specifications without notice sometimes, so it is important also that we work with you at the time of purchase to ensure the property you buy meets fully your requirements. You should also be aware that at times builders have special offers so it is impossible to be totally accurate with the information on the web site. 

Also be aware that in several cases artists impressions are used especially for "off plan" properties. Where such images are used they in no way apply contractually to what is depicted. 

It is extremely important that when you find the property you wish to purchase that you take the time to consider, understand and review the specifications before signing any contracts.

We have our own legal team but of course you are free to choose your own, but whatever you do use a lawyer.

Once you decide to buy if you use our services which are competitively priced we will do all the work for you:

  1. Check there is no debt or builders mortgage on the property.

  2. We arrange for you to get an N.I.E. number, essential if you have a property here. It is a tax and identity number.

  3. We arrange for all documentation in the purchase process.

  4. We arrange connection of services water / electric contracts.

  5. We arrange your Suma bill (annual local council tax)

  6. We arrange annually your Non Resident tax returns.

  7. We arrange your Spanish Wills. (Really advisable to avoid issues with probate).

  8. We arrange a Power of Attorney if you cannot get back in time to complete the purchase yourself.

  9. We visit the Notary with you to complete the purchase and obtain your Escritura (Deeds)

  10. Assist in paying any local taxes and purchase tax.

Arranging things  sometimes can involve several trips so we will co-ordinate everything for you to minimise the stress and amount of time you spend in dealing with all the necessary matters.