Financial Matters

We of course want to sell you the property you dream of but also want you to be able to afford and enjoy it so we offer the following advice.

Most important matter to consider is can you afford to buy abroad and not be taken in by the dream. To assist with this we offer a wide range of homes to fit your budget and make your dreams work.

Buying what is often a second home is a big long term decision so you need to choose what and where you buy and understand the costs of maintaining your property.

Monthly fixed bills generally consist of Water / Electricity / Community Fees (if applicable) / Internet & TV (can vary). Other than that the cost of living here in Spain is very competitive against other European states.

If you have a mortgage then make sure you have the right one and allow for exchange rate fluctuations when making your calculations. Generally a good deposit is required and we work with Bankinter, Sabadell and others who will offer advice and assistance in this area.

It is always best to have a Spanish bank account and remember to keep it topped up to avoid problems with the disconnection of services. Nothing worse than arriving and finding no Electricity.

To open an account you need your passport or National Identity Card, proof of income (payslip, bank or pension statement).

We can also arrange insurance cover at competitive prices.


We provide the following for information only and accept no responsiblity for their use: